Our hostel management moduleĀ makes sure that the hostel facilities in the institute are up to the mark and will let you take care of all your hostels from a single solution . It takes care of the management and allocation of rooms to different students in multiple hostels and blocks and keeps everything in a systematic manner. Apart from managing the segregation of individuals in the hostel, it handles the mess and related tasks. Biometric based hostel attendance system is also available to ensure the safety and security of the inmates


Fee Management

Manage hostel fee based on course schedule and room category

Multiple Hostels

Manage different hostels at buildings at the same time from a single solution

Hostel Mess Management

Managing the mess and related facilities of the hostels

Room Allocation

Easily Allocate rooms to different students

Hostel Attendance

Biometric or RFID basedĀ  system for maintaining attendance


Generate custom reports based on the specific requirements