For the successful running of an institution, it is important to effectively manage the fleet. The fleet management model comprises area, route, and the relevant pickup points. It also carries out the management and maintenance of vehicles. The module takes care of the fact that the vehicles are operating smoothly and there are no hassles during transportation

Campus7 is partnered with AIS 140 ARAI approved GPS device solution provider, which helps you to install GPS devices in your vehicles to comply with Govenment regulations and use our Fleet Management live tracking feature to spot your vehicle anywhere, along with other vital information about the fleet. Contact us for a free demo

Fleet Management MODULE FEATURES

Vehicle Management

Efficiently track the maintenance of vehicles to ensure that they are running properly

Area, Route AND Pickup Points

Keeping track of the pickup points, the route to be covered and the overall area

Driver Management

Manage your drivers, track their duty hours instantly. Helps to log all the information about a trip

Fuel Management

Feature allows you to enter fuel transactions and get control of your fuel costs through our fuel consumption tracking system.

Live Tracking

Track the live location of your vehicle 24/7 using our comprehensive realtime tracking solution

AIS 140 ARAI Approved GPS

We provide ARAI approved GPS device to install in your vehicle and monitor through our solution


Once integrated, the GPS tracking service provides accurate and real-time position of buses so that parents can check the exact location of their ward’s bus on their phone. Administrator can get the detailed report of each vehicles including route replay feature