Highly Customizable
End to End Solution for
Multi-Campus Institutions

Campus7, leading cloud based campus management software. Enhancing every aspect of learning, academics, administration and the student experience.

Campus Management Software Features

Why Choose Campus7

Revolutionary campus management software solution with easy and powerful tools that are scalable to support the expanding needs of Educational Institutions


Efficiently manage all kind of Institutions using our single solution

Cloud Based Software Solution

Access your data from anywehere in the world 24/7 through our secure cloud

Highly Customizable

Industry leading customization service for every clients to meet their custom requirements

User Friendly Interface

Cognitive design with accessible user screen which provide better user experience

Pay As you go Pricing model

No Commmitment Billing! Ability to pay according to your requirements

Complete student Lifecycle

Manages all the operations of an entire course cycle, from student enquiry to alumni

Increased Efficiency

Increase the academic performance and administrative efficiency with our solution

Efficient Support Team

Experienced and efficient support team assists you in the entire journey

Responsive Campus Management Software



Access all your information just a mouse click away!


Far Ahead of others In-terms of Analytics and Reports


Campuses and Courses in Multi Modes Managed

Our Modules

We let you to customise your Campus7 suite with exactly the functionality your team needs.
So choose from different kinds of modules that fits your organization


Configure courses and batches, Monitor daily enquiries and admissions

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Human Resource

Easy access to employee information, generate payroll and leaves

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Manage entire academic operations including classes and timetables

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Safe and secure finacial monitoring. Manage every transactions

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Student Life Cycle

Manage entire student journey from enquiry to course completion and Alumni

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Enables easy to use internal messaging system for efficent communication

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User Management

Role based access control system. Access data based on privileges

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Analyse various historical data, generate reports in graphs and charts

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We answer your

Not sure how Campus7 can help you? Wonder why you need to buy our Campus Management Solution?

We have breifed some of the frequently asked questions by our clients during the onboarding process. It will help you to get a clear picture about our product and its features.


99.9% guaranteed uptime. Clustered, scalable, virtual and redundant servers, Hosted at Leading, award winning hosting provider.


Secure multi-level, Multi-factor authentication. Built on Secure development framework. 32Bit SSL encryption for all sending / receiving data.

User Experience

100% browser-based with dynamic scaling and responsive to all major devices, including smart phones. Users access Campus7 via any browser-enabled, Internet device including PC, Mac, UNIX, LINUX, Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile.


On-line access to all Historical data. Every data is backed up continuously to multiple, redundant databases. All databases and servers backed up daily. Options to backup data in thirdparty remote locations.


Supported by seasoned industry professionals. A dedicated service team, with a working knowledge of your system, provides a single point of contact for every customers..


Our renewable, 3-year, Fixed Price Guarantee is coupled with a fair and transparent pricing model to significantly reduce your cost of ownership. Any changes in your payment would only reflect your growth at the end of that 3-year period. Campus7 is also modular and scalable, Only pay for the features and service you need. Campus7 pricing is relative to the system that you choose to build. We would be happy to schedule a time to discuss in more detail.