Organise daily academic activities, syllabus and communicate with students directly or in a group. manage daily attendance and syllabus timetable efficiently by allowing easy communication between teachers, parents and students.


Subjects and Topics

Add and update course curriculum for all the courses and classes

Staff Feedback

Unique feature enables the student to provide feedback about their tutor anonymously


Monitor syllabus coverage. Effectively monitor the teaching progress


Monitor and track various exams effortlessly based on the curriculum

Time Table

Generate time tables based on resource availability and batches


Easily mark the attendance. Focus more on academics


Every Institution has their own predefined Operating Procedure. If your Academic Structure is different from others, you don’t need to worry about all that. Our solution Campus7ERP is flexible enough to hold any changes and format you give. Still if there are major changes in your Academic Structure, our team will coordinate with you and customize the existing structure as per your need.

Yes, we have the facility to integrate Bio metric attendance device with our software you can monitor the attendance for student and staff real time

Yes. Whenever the system generates a report, it gives the authorised user to convert the data into PDF or Excel format.