How to get or domain extensions for schools and colleges

You may have often wondered how some of the educational institutions are having an or domain names for their website.

The education and research network (ERNET) is the exclusive domain registrar for these domains and these domain assignments are only available for educational institutions dedicated solely to academic education which are recognized under the Government of India or State Governments

As per Government of India, it is mandatory for all recognized academic educational institutions to have either or domain for their websites.

There are certain points that are to be kept in mind to be able to receive either of the domains:

  1. Primary or secondary schools affiliated with central or recognized board. Eg: CBSE / ICSE
  2. Colleges recognized by central or recognized educational boards
  3. Universities should be approved by UGC or central / state governments
  4. Technical institutions applying for domain should be also recognized
  5. Vocational training institutes should be recognized by State govt. Vocational training Council, etc.
  6. The skill development centers recognized by skill development state or central government ministry.

The Process for registering an domain

  1. Institutes after confirming their eligibility must apply for domain name in the ERNET website
  2. You need to ensure that the domain name matches the name or abbreviation of the institute
  3. The institute has to submit an undertaking on the non-judiciary stamp paper of Rs.100.00
  4. An application letter should be submitted for the domain registration in institution letterhead which should be signed and sealed by the institution head
  5. Necessary Affiliation documents proving that you are a legal entity
  6. Organization address proof should be submitted
  7. Authorization letter of the concerned officials is also a must
  8. All these documents have to be collected and uploaded in the PDF format and payment should be made through online mode as well.
  9. The true copies of above documents may be sent to ERNET India, New Delhi office, within 10 days of submission of online application.

Charges for domain renewal/registration

  1. For 1 year the charges will be Rs.885
  2. For 2 years the charges will be Rs.1534
  3. For 5 years the charges will be Rs.3540
  4. Rs.59 will be charged for per data modification.

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