Cloud-Based Biometric / RFID Attendance System

Usually, all of the educational institutions are mainly concerned about the attendance of the staff and students as with conventional methods the tracking can get difficult. However, times have changed and Cloud-Based Biometric / RFID Attendance System Integration is able to do complete work without any hassle and are reliable compared to  standard devices.

Why Campus7 Cloud-based Biometric/RFID Attendance Management System?

Here we have for you a comprehensive guide with details of amazing features offered by Campus7 Biometric / RFID Attendance Management System that can help educational institutions immensely:

It is an innovative Cloud-Based System:

One of the biggest differences between Campus7 and the other products is that it is a Cloud-Based Wifi Device. This allows the organization to record data Live and everything is stored in the system through cloud. It also doesn’t need any kind of wiring and local servers. All of the other systems that you might find are generally LAN based or standalone.

RFID/ Finger Print based Attendance

RFID/ Finger Print based Attendance makes attendance automatic and depends on fingerprint sensing. This technology offers high security as it is offering personal verification and identifications. It can be used as an authentication method as it offers a reliable staff and student attendance system. All of the information that is saved on the device is synced through Campus7.

Real-time Online attendance tracking:

For assisting the admins to keep a track on the attendance, breaks, leave applications the system is of great help.  It can store and send all of the attendance data to cloud with no time lag at all. This system makes sure that there are no errors in attendance tracking as the human effort is minimized and it is also a cost-effective solution for educational institutions

Efficient Payroll Processing

When the technology of Cloud based RFID Biometric system works together with the Campus7 payroll management system the entire process of payroll processing becomes streamlined and highly efficient. The HR department of the institute will be easily able to track the attendance and leaves taken by the staff real-time and the deductions in salary can be made accordingly.

Enhanced Security

Another major benefit of Campus7 Biometric/RFID Attendance Management System is the enhanced security of the students and institution. This is because data transfer is only through cloud. Only the authorized person will be able to communicate with the device.

Cost Effective Advanced Solution

Another factor that the institutes consider is the costs involved in installing these technologies as they are the most expensive. But with the integrated cloud solution you can get a cost-effective system without any compromise on the service and technology being offered. There are varied plans and pricing that are offered and one can select according to what fits perfectly in their budget and specifications

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries or interested in enabling Campus7 Campus Management Solution Integrated with Cloud based Biometric/RFID Attendance Management System.