NAAC, NBA Accreditation Management Solution

Manage your entire accreditation or certification from our flexible platform throughout the accreditation procedure and beyond


Total Accreditation Solution


Manage the entire administrative process from one workspace. Spend less time tracking down data with our integrated solution.


Dashboards and reports helps to Analyze alignment of outcomes, track progress toward institutional goals and develop action plans

Accreditation Bodies

Carefully structured to make sure all the outcomes are at par with the standards when it comes to upholding high standards of excellence.

Designed for Higher Education Institutions

We work closely with Institutions to provide a single, powerful, user-friendly accreditation and assessment software solution that helps to streamline the complex work of institutional effectiveness at an affordable cost.

Complete Solution for NAAC, NBA and other Accreditation Bodies

Campus7 streamlines and consolidates all of your accreditation and certification process with easy-to-use tools that help you manage an array of documents, standards, and communications that are reuired for different kinds of accreditation and certification process.

Continuous Evaluation of Accreditation Process

The accreditation management module of our campus Management ERP Solution promotes operational excellence and efficiency, and helps ensure a thorough compliance program built on best practices and with many options for customization.

Advantages of Online Accreditation Management Solution

  • Provide higher education institutions a new sense of direction and brand identity.
  • Accurate data collection facilitates standardization of data format
  • Centralized access to course and curriculum information
  • Dashboards, customizable reports to measure accreditation progress
  • Faculty time and cost saving in documentation of accreditation standards.
  • Collect updates and feedback on strategic plan items using survey-like tools
  • Automate simple tasks for immediate access to data across the student lifecycle
  • Automated evaluation and feedback management
  • Gain direct insight on Institutional Performance from academic and financial data
  • Accreditation bodies, government, and employers trust online accreditation.
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